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I’ll kill someone else before I kill myself; I won’t kill another, that would be like killing myself – unless there’s a war against the wicked, in which it would be my duty to kill....

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Big(ger) picture(s)

Royals got lots of gold while many people struggle for pennies… 8 days after signing the Green Hilton Agreement JFK got killed… << fast forward >> UN Swissindo is working on creating a beautiful planet...

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‘Power’ is one of God’s / Source’s facets. When I transcended my physical world at 21 ( I felt ) I was ((one) with (the)) Al(l-)mighty ( OmniPOtent ), amongst other things, like: ((one) with (the))...

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Walk in nature

There was a Zen master who walked in nature as part of his daily routine. His neighbour once gathered the courage to ask him if he could join him. The master said: “OK, but please respect my meditative walk by being quiet...

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welles-nietes, krijg de tyfus; schiet op tieten — niet voor mietjes fuck justitie, fuck fred bitchy; fuck being nice, we hebben onszelf, wie leggen we op ijs?! ro-ro-roffa dan! man die alles panned; twenty-twenty vision — dope...

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What r u doin?

Dying is living, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and when you’re dying you’re not killed. So, dying is living. You may live longer when you are dying a bit, because life makes you stronger. Don’t eat all...

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